Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Beautiful North Carolina Skies.

Balloon Rides

Your excursion begins at dawn or late afternoon when the wind is gentle and the light of the sun gives North Carolina  a special appeal, particularly for photography. Then imagine, floating silently, as free as a bird. You feel no wind, because you are a part of it. Birds fly overhead and the sun beams down on your face. You float gently and peacefully across the land laid out in miniature for your inspection. A patchwork of colors and patterns. You can hear the sounds of the busy world below, pick leaves from the tree tops and see reflections of your balloon moving across small lakes. Time seems to stand still as you are suspended between the sky and the earth….THAT’S BALLOONING!


Balloon flights usually last for about an hour, but this is at the pilot’s discretion taking into account the wind speed and direction. Our champagne toast after each balloon flight is always a great climax to celebrate your adventure.  A flight certificate  to commemorate your first ride in a hot air balloon is provided to every passenger. We realize that this is a special event, one that you will want to remember! Our crew will make every effort to make sure your ballooning experience is a memorable one..

Airtime Balloon Company conducts balloon rides year round in the Lake Norman Area just minutes north of Charlotte, North Carolina. We also attend many ballooning events throughout the year in where balloon rides are available to the public.  Please contact us for more information

Ride Information –

Airtime provides hot air balloon rides on Saturday, Sunday and holiday weekends, weather permitting.  Time of flight varies with the change of season.  Depending on the time of year you wish to fly it may be either a flight just as the sun rises or a late afternoon flight approximately 2 hours before sunset.  During the months of June, July and August we offer morning flights only due to the high chances of afternoon thunderstorms.

If the event your balloon ride is cancelled due to weather conditions your flight will be rescheduled for the next available date that is open for us and convenient for you.

Children and minors must accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the flight.

Costs –

For groups of two, three or four passengers flying  together – $225 per passenger
For single adult flying alone – $300 per passenger .
Private basket for two for those romantic occasions such as engagements and anniversaries – $550

Gift Certificates –

Airtime offers gift certificates.  This is a great way to give the gift of flight on any special occasion.

Gift Certificate Costs –

For a two adult passenger gift certificate – $450
For a private basket for Two gift certificate – $550
For a single adult passenger gift certificate – $300

**If a single adult certificate is purchased and a second adult chooses to ride on the day of the flight, the second passenger would only be required to pay an additional $150

Are you ready to take a ride?

Please call us at (704) 528-0105 or email us using our contact form.

You can download our Assumption Of Risk Form here > Airtime Balloon Company – Assumption Of Risk Agreement